Courage – Gratitude – Passion – Pride


Express your support for our serving forces who to-day on foreign battle fields strive to protect our British way of life –Our democracy and the freedoms that we enjoy to-day....

A Message From Willie Goldfinch -

The People’s Memorial, built upon the shoreline of Langstone Harbour, has been created as a tribute to the serving men and women of our British forces, who today find themselves at war on foreign battlefields. It is on our behalf that these brave young men and women confront untenable challenges as they seek to protect our British Democracy, our Culture and the Freedoms that we enjoy today.

All people, of whatever status or circumstances in life, political persuasion, colour or religion, are warmly welcomed to enjoy the peaceful ambience and tranquillity of The People’s Memorial, to pray to whichever God they may believe in, and to ask of life whatever questions they may feel the need to.

I implore of all who visit The People’s Memorial not to do so with a political agenda that either promotes or glorifies war. It has been created to serve as a tangible focus point of remembrance for all British and allied forces who have lost their lives to the evil of war.

I humbly ask all who visit to feel inspired, with hope in your hearts for a better way and a new beginning that might, one day, erase forever the need for war. 


Hope is a good thing, and hope never ends.
Willie Goldfinch

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