‘There is something about Willie Goldfinch, which I suggest will be echoed by all serving Military personnel, and their families today.
I do not ‘claim’, I state, as fact, that the ‘Peoples’ Memorial’ serves as a humble yet honourable recognition to all those who gave up their lives so that this country enjoys the freedom bequeathed us by a few. We seem to forget that for every life lost, family heartbreak follows.
Let this Memorial remind us all; while politicians come and go, in modern times they commit our children to battles often lost, then move on to the next one as ‘political poodles’ and to get rich into the bargain. Most often, they simply could not care a damn.’
Well done, Willie Goldfinch. You are to be saluted.

"There is something about Willie Goldfinch....."


  1. Well done Willie Goldfinch, and ignore the few detractors you have, for none of them will have performed in the service of the Crown.
    For these less-enlightened folk, it is all about them having nothing better to do with their worthless lives – they are ‘complainers’ - for their combined joint existence is worth less than a single moment of your valuable time.
    ‘The Peoples Memorial’ is well thought of and respected around the world. It has become a set-in-stone symbol, a place of reflection in deep respect for those who selflessly gave their lives, or have suffered terrible injuries, so that we may enjoy the freedom the United Kingdom has given us generations long gone, today, and for the future.
    “Once a Royal Marine, always a Royal Marine,” is a saying very close the Corp’s heart, so, on behalf of HM Royal Marines and the Commandos Veterans Association, God speed Willie Goldfinch.
    Now, let ‘The Complainers’ go get your Saturday night kebabs; very grateful that you don’t get shelled on the way home. You people are extremely lucky to live in ‘Blighty’, and to have Mr Goldfinch tell you so.


    "The Peoples Memorial’ is well thought of and respected around the world....."


  1. Fittingly, this is a place where three dimensions meet – earth, sea and sky, even more so as above the Memorial, on a swaying flagstaff, are hoisted the flags of the three different Services: Army, Navy and Air Force, who serve on land, across deep waters and towards the Heavens above.
    Created by his own strong hands out of rock, mortar and sand, the Peoples’ Memorial rises up at the water’s edge, and looks across the vast expanse of Langstone Harbour towards the distant, rolling green heights of the South Downs, this is Willie Goldfinch’s tribute to the countless lost lives given in service of their country.
    This is a place where the elements of water, soil and fresh sea air, link arms; a peaceful location, framed by verdant grass and woodland, all watched over by white doves of peace.
    And, this is a place where, each year, thousands of good, decent folk come to talk and reflect. A place where most days people come to sit on the strong, wooden benches, perhaps share a cup of tea with Willie; the dog walkers, their animals chasing and splashing into the bay, both society’s young and old, ne-er mind race, religion, colour or creed, all are welcome here at the Peoples’ Memorial.
    I have known Willie Goldfinch for many years, and his life-story is as fascinating as his reasons for building, over countless months of cast iron struggle, his tribute to our fallen heroes.
    Each day he receives countless emails from supporters the world over and, as a former HM Royal Marines Commando – now a member of the Commandos Veteran Association – I personally salute, along with my comrades, Willie Goldfinch.

    Well done, Sir!


    "Created by his own strong hands out of rock, mortar and sand....."