“The creation and development of ‘The Peoples’ Memorial’ has been a special journey for me. And to all who have helped me along the way, I want you to know that your kindness and support has become a flower in the rich bouquet of my life, for those future moments that will always make me smile, and feel peaceful and warm. In various ways, each of you have touched my life, and in doing so, you have shown me that certain kind of something special, that people are always searching for, yet rarely ever find and never seem to get enough of. And, I want you all to know, from where you come from and whoever you will be, that somehow, just because of you, that in a small way I feel that certain kind of something special too.”

-Willie Goldfinch, 2014

All those who supported the construction of ‘The Peoples’ Memorial’, public and business alike, would be too numerous to mention, yet they are all thanked not least, Pat, Colin, Sid, Trevor, and Daphne, as a matter of course. However, special thanks goes out to: Kendal Brothers, Eastern Road, Portsmouth’ Rowlands Plant; B&Q and The News who published fair and balanced features, and to world famous author and ex Marine, ‘Christopher Berry Dee’ my long term friend who has supported and encouraged me, in many unseen ways.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Malcolm and Sue, who have continuously , and generously supported and contributed much to the peoples memorial site.

Finally, I would like to thank for all his expertise and kind help with regards to the creation of this website.

-Willie Goldfinch, 2013


Thank you all.....